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5 of Harry Styles' BEST Performance Looks

Harry Styles is known for his incredible, unique style while performing and during his last tour across North America last Summer, he served some crazy looks in partner with Gucci. With Europe and South America Love On Tour 2022 soon approaching we can only look forward to the outfits we are going to see loads of new looks over the 33 nights he is performing.

To the Las Vegas show he wore a pinky-red get up of a sparkly fringed vest with bright trousers and tan boots.

Image from @TheHarryNews on Twitter

In Sacramento, Harry rocked a silver sequin shirt and baby blue trousers.

Image from Pinterest

This getup for the Long Island show is quite similar to his Las Vegas look. A similar sparkles fringed vest and tailored trousers but instead the colours are brown and black.

Image from @hsdlot on Twitter

This look is slightly different to the other outfits he wore during the tour. This Wizard Of Oz inspired outfit was to the night known as 'Harryween', the night where the show falls on or around Halloween.

Image from @agoldenstyles on Twitter

The last outfit is my favourite. This all green get up with a green embroidered vest is such a great look and to me, it kind of resembles the theme of his newest collection for his brand, Pleasing. I love the floral, bright colours all over the vest and even the frayed accents on the edges.

Image from @tpwkjulia on Twitter.


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